My major interest at the moment is the wonderful operating system BeOS. BeOS is a small, fast desktop operating system, specifically designed for multimedia applications. I use BeOS at home about 70-80% of the time, and love its power, simplicity and flexibility.

BeOS was written from the ground up, no backward compatibility, no unneeded code, no unwanted overhead. It runs on Intel, PowerPC based computers and supports a wide (but not complete) set of hardware.

Best news of all BeOS is available free!. That's right free! It is a complete operating system and installs like a dream. Try it; it will only cost you download time.

It's great, just try it.
Tony Castley

The development kit is available as a separate download (to save time for the general user). BeOS has an amazing API. I have programmed in Windows (3.1, 9x and NT) and BeOS has an wonderful API compared. It is all object oriented C++ and is logical and sensible. It took me only about 20-30 minutes to create a simple (but real) application with a user interface containing an Outline control, menu and Text box that was fully sizable.

I am working on a port of the program VideoLan Client to BeOS.