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Please remember this is my (virtual) home, so wipe your feet before entering and please no smoking.

If you want to find out about me, my ideas, likes, dislikes and opinions this is the place to be!

This site is currently under going some MAJOR changes. So when you have a look remember, colours, pictures, layout and content will change drastically over the next few months.

In the near future I want to update sections of this site so it will provide a virtual meeting site for all Castley family members, all over the world. If you are a member of the worldwide Castley family please feel free to contact me (note you will have to remove the _nospam_ bit).

Remember you are welcome to browse around and see what in the world this is all about.
(btw when you figure it out contact me and let me know!!)

About Me

I am currently employed full time as a computer geek with a large international computing company. Due to my employment contract I cannot develop any software for other people.

I do get to play in my own time, hence this site. You will notice that this site conforms with the new XHTML (strict) and CSS standards from the World Wide Web Consortium.

Some older browsers (like yours if you can read this) may not present this site very well, bad luck, you need to upgrade to any of the newer browsers. With your old browser it will display every piece of information on my site, it will just not look to good.

The actual definition of a geek is maybe not what you would expect! Look it up!

I am a geek (or nerd) in the purist terms.
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I dislike:


Tribute to Isabeau - 2002

Many of our friends at would be aware of how our world was turned upside down... this time last year (2001). On the 4 December, it will have been one year since we lost our precious, much loved, and dearly wanted little girl. This year has been a rollercoaster year.... some times have been high ... but mostly we have just been thrown around, and left with vague unsettled feelings. We have been encouraged to write about Isabeau.... but what to say? Finally we decided to publish the eulogy that I read out at Isabeau's funeral.